My mother once said "Whatever you feed grows". It can apply to a whole lot of different things. It was a statement of caution. Some people become obsessive with certain activities or thoughts. The number one thing I have been spanked for since starting DD has been going over my 2 hour a day limit on the computer. It's just SO HARD. My husband is obsessive about fishing. He fishes about once a week. When I acted sad, because he was going the second time in one week, he reminded me of all the time we get to have together. He works very early hours so he's home in the early afternoons, and he has 3 days off every week. He was feeling guilty because I was "pouting." He decided he would make it easier for me by changing my computer rule. I was sooooo excited when he said that I could be on the computer as much as I wanted on the days he was gone fishing. I spent almost every second he was gone. Pinterest, Facebook, DD blogs, etc. etc. It was great. I even wished he would be gone a good while. 
      There hasn't been another day of fishing, but there was another spanking for the same dang rule. He hadn't asked me in so long about how much time I had been on the computer. I was keeping up on my daily chores (mostly). After that full day of just pure computer time pleasure, not having to watch the clock, it was hard to go back. The first day, I went over about 30 minutes. The second day I was on there an hour and a half over. The third day, I just threw caution to the wind. I was on the computer about six hours. I was repinning all kinds of cool stuff and recipes. That night while we were spending our cuddle time in bed, before sleep, he asked me. "Oh Crap" was my response in my head. "Ummmm?" was my response out loud. He kept questioning me, then he said "You're not going to tell me?". I shook my head, and said I didn't want to. He said "Well, you know what that means. Not tonight, but it's gonna happen." It was after midnight. Part of me wanted to go ahead and get it over with, but the other part wanted to put it off as long as possible.
    The following day, my husband got home, and did not mention the spanking. He announced about 4pm that he would like to go eat Mexican food. When it got closer to supper time, he said he was ready to go. I said so are we putting it off until tomorrow, because I don't want to be full of Mexican food. He said "Put off what?". I quietly said the spanking. He HAD FORGOTTEN AND I REMINDED HIM! (DUHHH!!). Anyway he said "Ok, Let's get it done." I said or we can wait until tomorrow. He was off the next day. He agreed. Yea!!
    When I woke up, I turned over and saw that my husband was awake. Glad he was off, I smiled at him and we both greeted each other with a kiss and a "good morning". That's where the fun stopped. I didn't know the spanking  was going to be  the very first thing he wanted to do. He said "You need to get up, go to the restroom or whatever you need to do, because it's time. We might as well get it out of the way." UGGGGG. I don't really even like to communicate much in the morning. I slowly got out of bed, took my time away, brushed my teeth, combed my hair, got a drink, etc. I got back to find my bed linens all rearranged, and the oak paddle on the nightstand. I dreaded it, but was not too concerned. My husband usually stops when I quit saying ouch and oh, and start saying please and that hurts. Not this time. I actually had the "going limp" experience that I've read about on other blogs. I never though I would cry during a spanking, but I did. 
     I will not be braking the computer rule anymore, and be thankful for my new freedom when he's fishing. I will never think "It will be worth it", because now I've had something I really will try to avoid. You know, like my mom said "Whatever you feed grows." Well, I've been feeding my husband info on the DD lifestyle. He has certainly grown, and become less fearful of spanking me. Oh, I've been on here an hour and a half of my 2 hours, so I will close this ramble. God bless you all, Belle L.

2/7/2014 13:40:07

i've have come to the same spot that you have came to. my husband has learned very well and man that belt has made a differents in me. I now fill my car when it reaches half full, my phone is on me when i leave the house, and after the last spanken i got for telling a little lie, i trully hope it never happens again. yes, i was total convince that when i see the belt in my husbands hand i'm not going to enjoy this at all, and wish i hadn't done it. I had convince me husband that spanking me hard was the only way that this would work ( i know me). I was right, and he's a good listener


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