Many people choose to give themselves sexually to their partners more in this lifestyle. Many of those I have spoken to attempt to no longer block sexual or physical intimacy as they may have done before Dd/TTWD. But it can be easier said than done.

Gone are the 'I've got a head ache' cliches and instead our men stop feeling rejected physically.

For a man, if sexually rejected, they feel like you don't want them. You don't love them enough to feel intimate, to share your body with them. It snubs them and makes them feel bad, even though for a women it may not feel like that.

One of my friends husband's asked her to no longer say no to him. He felt that it was her way of maintaining control in the relationship, but this doesn't mean that he took it whenever he pleased. It actually meant that he had to listen more to her needs. He began to judge if she really didn't want to have sex for some reason and taut him to be more in tune with her.  But for a woman it can be hard to submit herself totally in such intimate situations. 

It can only happen if a man can be completely 100% trusted to make that call sexually. By not saying no and allowing him full control of our bodies, he is given complete and utter control of all areas. For me and my husband this happened naturally but often, I admit, there are sometimes times when I really don't want it. I do my best to not say no and I end up enjoying it! 

We have a great deal more sex now than before. Partly because he appears very attractive to me taking on a more dominant role in our marriage but also because he initiates it more, knowing that I won't reject him.

Do you agree, do you think sexually he should be able to take full control?

2/7/2014 13:17:54

i don't say no anymore, and we are having more sex, and sometimes i don't want it ether, but i go ahead and most of the time i end up enjoying it, we don't fight as much, and he seams to be alot happier. I just figure that having sex to make him happy is a little thing, plus i believe the lord wants me to give my body to please my man. he does turn me on more now since he has taken total control.


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