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I have had a temporary change in my normal schedule. Temporary as in a couple of months. Temporary as in I seriously need to adjust to this change or I will be getting frequent spankings for my attitude.

This change has me waking SUPER early in the morning ( I am NOT a morning person) but also involves me spending quite a bit more time with my family, which is wonderful. Apparently the first three mornings of my new schedule I wasn't all that pleasant. I somewhat realized this myself but it was like one of those out of body experiences. "Hmm.......am I really acting like this????"

My Hubby NEVER even mentioned it to me while it was going on. Which I would prefer. A warning and a chance to correct is MUCH MUCH better than a spanking for completely going bonkers and having a bad attitude. Well, last night in bed (which is where we seem to have a lot of our little DD talks) he tells me that I need to watch my attitude and that he has let it go because he knows I am adjusting.

I can't even remember the exact words he used. But, it was a warning. AND.......I LOVED IT! The past few days I just assumed he was ignoring my behavior in the mornings when really he was just being the sweet understanding man I fell in love with. How lucky am I?!?!?

I find this bossy side so incredibly attractive. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And, I'm sure if the lights had been on he would have seen me looking at him all googly eyed. I love my bossy man and wouldn't have him any other way :)

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